Sustainable Solutions: Harmonious Integrity & Forward-Thinking Design

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to make eco-conscious choices as we grow. Explore our journey towards a greener future for blinds in the UK, and discover our plans ahead. Together, let’s pioneer sustainable practices and shape a more responsible industry landscape.

We prioritise sustainability in three key areas: our products, the environment, and the well-being of our team members.

Minimising Our Footprint
Environmental Stewardship
  • Waste Reduction: Through comprehensive recycling initiatives and operational streamlining, we are dedicated to minimising waste across all our facilities.
  • Carbon Emission Reduction: We’re actively implementing strategies to reduce carbon emissions, fostering a more sustainable operation and a healthier planet.
  • Environmental Commitment: Our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility drives our efforts to preserve and protect the planet for future generations.
Reducing Waste
Progress in Sustainability
  • Plastic Recycling: Across our manufacturing sites, we diligently recycle all plastic films and spools, diverting 38 tonnes from general waste.
  • Plastic Reduction: In 2023, we transitioned from bubble wrap to embossed cardboard in our Metal Venetian blind packaging, saving 1.5 tonnes of plastic annually.
  • Fabric Conservation: Through enhancements in our curtains and Roller blind production processes in 2023, we saved 25 tonnes of fabric from ending up as waste.
Green Manufacturing
Advancing Sustainability:
  • Streamlined Processes: Emphasising absolute efficiency and sustainability, whilst reducing waste and environmental impact.
  • Manual Interventions: Embracing traditional craftsmanship and tactile expertise, while consciously reducing dependency on automated machinery for a more personalised and artisanal touch.
  • Resource Optimisation: Maximising efficiency and sustainability through streamlined operations, minimising waste and environmental footprint.