Energy Saving Blinds

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Energy Saving Blinds

More and more people are today looking at ways to save money on their power bills and one great way is the use of energy-saving blinds.

With gas and electricity bills sky rocketing, homeowners have now taken various steps in order to help significantly reduce their bills and overall power consumption.

Apart from the obvious standard insulation helping to keep heat in, windows are where the heat escapes most easily, thus the right choice in window dressing can drastically reduce heat loss.

Alam’s beautiful Blinds has a wide range of fabrics and coatings that not only offer exceptional style and features such as Flame Retardant and Blackout but also reflective which aids the reflection of heat back into the room.

From plain fabrics available in a huge range of colours from neutral to bright/almost luminous to textured and sparkle fabrics offering that bold and beautiful look, whatever your needs are, we can help you make the right choice.

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