Blackout Blinds

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Blackout Blinds

Alam’s Beautiful Blinds have a wide range of ‘Blackout’ blinds, with varying finishes, prints and special features. Blackout Blinds – (Available both as Roller and Vertical Blinds) are a single wide panel of material. If the blind is a fabric, then a special coating is applied to the reverse of the fabrix to stop any penetration of light. This is why it is called a ‘Blackout Blinds’.  So while this type of blind can largely enhance the look and match your interior decor, yu can also be sure that no light can penetrate.

What are the Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Black out blinds are useful in cases where you are a light sleeper or night shift workers who do not want to be disturbed sunlight early in the morning, any bedrooms, Bathrooms, bedrooms of young children, office units that need a ‘blind’ divide

Special Features & Finishes

Our blinds are available in a number of finishes and special features such as ‘Antibacterial roller blinds’ which are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where humidity is commonplace. These usually come in beautiful printed ‘Wipe-Cleanable’ finishes. ESP solar protected blinds, ideal for any room where there is a higher loss of energy and heat such as ; conservatories and rooms with large windows where heat escapes easily and difficult to retain.

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